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Indoor Bouldering Instructor


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Started From Scratch

I remember what it feels like to be new in the gym. What do all these words mean? Am I doing this right? The community was welcoming, but everyone seemed focused on themselves.

I'm coaching to remove the intimidation of starting in the sport, make the bouldering experience fun and welcoming, and to help others break mental and physical barriers. I thrive on helping others succeed.

“Bouldering is testing your limits physically and growing mentally.”

- Seth Pierce


Get Results. Have Fun.

I meet you where you are in your bouldering journey. Beginner? We start at the fundamentals. Intermediate? We discuss goals and methods. Using a proven process developed from studying professionals, I can accelerate your growth in a short amount of time.

No matter what, I focus on the S.E.T.H. model to success and joy: Strength, Empathy, Thoughtfulness, Health.

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Seth is a kind and effective coach. I was just starting out and struggling with climbing, but after working with Seth and his program, I am now climbing consistently and at a much higher level. Thank Seth!
Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson
Seth is one of the best people to climb with and learn from. He has deep knowledge of climbing and is relentlessly positive which pushes other climbers to exceed their expectations of themselves.
Matt Bloom
Matt Bloom
Seth is an exceptional talent in bouldering. As a coach, he meets people where they are and improves their attitude and ability quickly
Jon Larson
Jon Larson



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